20th May– 24th May

Unit of inquiry:

As part of the current unit of inquiry ‘Who we are’, a Summative assessment was undertaken in class where the students sorted pictures under different stages of growth.

Unit of inquiry was integrated with language where students spoke about taking care of their body.


  • Reinforcement of sentences entailed sentence reading
  • Dictation was taken in class.


  • Reinforcement of place value was undertaken with base ten blocks
  • Quantity association was done through a monster dice game where students rolled the dice, recognized the number and associated it with the respective quantity


  • Students wrote vyanjan ‘ch’ in their process journal.


In the class students learned and sang the song ‘Doe a deer’.Students also learned about notes in music.



Information technology

This week students engaged in a recapitulation of several apps which they have learned through the term. They enjoyed working on apps like Dr. Dino, Tiggly draw, Tux-Paint, and Code-a-pillar.



Dance lessons focused on development of postures of dance routine where students practiced same routine set to different music.


Physical education

Students are learning different stretching exercises and many other ways to workout with or without use of equipment. They are also learning new hoop exercises which would help them in handling the equipment.


This week the students continued the use of stencils to draw. They explored natural and anthromorphic objects. They were also engaged in coloring the same using warm and cool colours.


Students were felicitated as ‘Crowned owls’ to mark the culmination of the reading programme at DPS International on May 21, 2019.The celebrations began with the ‘wise ones’ dressing up in pyjamasas they curled up to do what they enjoy most…read. Students witnessed a puppet show while savouring their ice creamin the library.






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