6th May – 10th May

Unit of inquiry:

As part of the on-going theme ‘Who we are’, students were taken to a prenursery class to observe the students at play and take part in activities.

The guest speaker session with a doctor parent gave students an opportunity to learn many facts about maintaining personal hygiene like importance of washing hands and benefits of eating healthy food. Demonstration of some medical equipment was undertaken during the session.\

Formative assessment was undertaken in class where the students assembled the cutouts of body parts, named each part and their functions.


Language was integrated with the unit of inquiry througha rhyme ‘If you think you’re going to sneeze’ and a song ‘chalo kasrat karo’in the vernacular hindi language



Students were narrated a story ‘How I am growing’ to understand different stages of life.


To understand the structure of a sentence, students were introduced to writingsentences using capitalization of first letter and ending of asentence with a period while maintaining proper spacing between each word.

Students were introduced to ‘ot’ family words through a matching game where they read the word and matched it to the correct ‘ot’picture. As a follow up they wrote the ‘ot’ family words in their journals.


Students learned ‘ad’ family words through a word wheel game.


Students reinforced the representation of numbers on place value mats.

Reinforcement of backward counting was undertaken in their process journals.

Reinforcement of time was done through an activity where the student picked up a chit with time written on it and represented it on the clock.




Reinforcement of vyanjna/swar was undertaken with a popcorn floor game where the students were given pictures on a popcorn shape to be placed withthe vyanjan/swar beside it.

Formation of vyanjan ‘ch’ was done with the light table activity.



Students learned about notes and names of notes and sang them in a group during music lessons.

Students also learned the song ‘Doe a deer’.



Very excited and eagerly awaiting the crowned owl ceremony, students were assessed on their reading log and were also encouraged to share any story that they had read.The final count of the books read by them were registered and those who have made it to the list willl be felicitated in a ceremony at school shortly.


Information technology

Students learned the basics of personal hygiene and its importance through an animated lesson. The lesson was followed by two activities – sequencing the pictures in the correct order and choose the correct option. Students focused onmoving the curser while using the mouse and strengthening their hand-eye coordination with these activities.


Dance lessons focused on development of postures where students loved to showcase fine and gross movements of Jazz dance style.


Physical education

As a part of the unit ‘who we are’, students are learning and understanding the benefits and importance of good posture like sitting, walking, standing and bending. A good posture is conducive to muscles  working more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy and therefore, prevent muscle fatigue.



This week the students painted shapes using their palms, fingers, elbows and shoulders. The medium was ink and technique was- ink on paper.


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