23rd April – 3rdMay

Unit of inquiry:

Probing further into the current unit of inquiry ‘Who we are’, students were shown a video that emphasized the need for balanced food


Students were also informed about the rainbow plate i.e.to include all the colorfulfruits and vegetables available in nature on their food plate to stay healthy.


Reinforcement of sight words was done in class where students were given transparent glasses with sight words written on them to create a pyramid.

To understand the structure of sentence, studentswere introduced to writing sentences where they learned about capitalization of first letter and ending  a sentence with a period while maintaining properspacing between each word.


Students were introduced tovyanjan ‘ch’ with a rhyme ‘Chidiya rani badisayani’



The concept of subitizingor ability to quickly guess quantity without counting, was reinforced in class using quick look cards.


Students learned and sang ‘It’s a small world after all’ and ‘Hello to all the children of the world’for their unit of inquiry presentation held on  May 2,2019.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-04 at 12.16.58.jpeg



Students listened to a story ‘I want a friend’ by Tony Ross. The story delved into the narrative of a little princess who started school and was eager to make friends. She had a difficult time until she realized there were lots of other children just like her who needed a friend  and eventually  became each other’s friends. It made a great read to encourage children to be make new friends.

Information technology


This week  ICT lessons allowed students to explore educational games on the laptop. They had fun engaging in the colouring activity. They have learnt to control the onscreen cursor using the mouse.



Dance lessons focused on development of postures during routine where students loved to tap their feet to a peppy Russian song.


Physical education

Students are working on their body balance and body posture. They are also learning some martial art skills to protect themselves. By practicing these skills they will become more confident of themselves








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