22nd April – 26th April

Unit of Inquiry

Progressing further with the new unit about ‘our body’, to form a base for a healthy lifestyle, students were introduced to basic hygiene concepts and proper toilet training skills. Students were also sensitized about some common health issues. As an extension, students were shown advertisement of shampoo and hair oil and the advantages therein of using them.

Later they decoded why it is important to look after their hair.


Students were involved in an activity where they self-checked their own  and their peer’s grooming. They gave themselves a smiley for cut nails and a sad face for unclipped nails and created a pictograph. A class discussion on diseases caused by dirty nails and hands was undertaken.

Hindi was integrated with the unit of inquiry through a story ‘Sonuke pet meindard’:


English was integrated with the unit of inquiry through a story – ‘Makingfaces’.

To reinforce the idea of storytelling, promote social skills and boost language development, students were introduced to a new rhyme ‘Wash your hands ’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrF1e6boNbc



Students were engaged in an activity where they read sentences and matched them with appropriate pictures.

Reinforcement of CVC words was done through a‘roll and colour’ game where students rolledthe letter dice to build their word, after finding their word on the game board, they coloured it.

Take and talk was presented to strengthen communication skills, self-confidence and fluency in the language.





Reinforcement of addition concepts was achieved with the use of  popsicles, where in the students picked up two popsicles and illustrated the quantity under the number. They then added the total quantity and picked the popsicles which had a total value.

Reinforcement of place value, greater and lesser was done with  a hands on activity where students grabbed 2 hands full of cubes/kidney beans, counted and compared the quantities.



Reinforcement of two letter words was done through a game, wherein the students were given vyanjan/swar written on bottle caps in a mixed pool, they brainstormed and made two letter words and matched them with the appropriate picture.


To hone their listening and thinking skills, a rhyme ‘ekkauvapyasatha’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjIVdctOm-A was introduced to them.





Dance lessons focused on development of postures during dance routine where students loved to tap their feet on a peppy Russian song.


Information Technology

This week the students worked on an educational app Dr. Dino Dentist. Through this app, they learned about different dental instruments and treatments. They performed a variety of dental procedures and treated the cavities in the patient to get his teeth back to being healthy, shiny and pearly white.


Physical Education

Students are working on their body balance and body posture. They are also learning some martial art skills to protect themselves. By practicing these skills they will become more confident of themselves




Students learned and sang ‘Hello to all the children of the World’ and ‘It’s a small world afterall’.



The students explored illustrating tree like figures using their hands. They also were encouraged to colour them by mixing various colours.



World Book Day celebrated worldwide was marked in the library on April 23,2019.. Theoccasionaims to promote the joy of books amongst readers from across all agesTo mark the death anniversary of literatteur William Shakespear, UNESCO reinstated the day to pay tribute to great literary figure. The honors authors and celebrated books from across the world.

Students celebrated this day by browsing through various books available in the library. Many of them came forward to share their understanding of  picture books they were browsing r had read too.



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