8th April – 12th April

Unit of inquiry:

A new unit of inquiry began with the:

Transdisciplinary theme: Who we are

Central Idea: Every day I learn about who I am and what I can do

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Physical characteristics
  • How I take care of my body
  • How I am growing and changing


A class discussionwas undertaken after which  students were made to sit in front of the mirror and observe themselves. Some thought provoking questions like- ‘what do you see in the mirror?’, ‘what special features are visible?’, ‘how do you feel?’, ‘how are you different from your friends?’ etc. were asked.

As an extension to the above discussion, students created beautiful illustrations showcasing their facial features,  hairstyle, eyes etc.


Students were introduced to sentences through a ‘roll and read’ game. The sentence included sight words and CVC words taught in class.

Reinforcement of ‘am’ was undertaken as a  word mat activity.

Dictation of  CVC and phonic sounds was taken to assess their understanding in the process journal


Pattern recognition in numbers was done using play doh. Students were given play doh to create numbers and understand the concept of pattern in numbers

To represent numbers 1-20 in a variety of ways: dice dots, fingers and ten frames were used.Students were given a random number card to recognise and  represent the number usingdice dots, fingers and ten frames.


Discussion on symbol ’+’ sign was initiated using  a book ‘If you were a plus sign’ which included addition stories in a variety of different contexts. What would you do if you were a plus sign? You could add things together. You could add people and animals were some options explored through the book.



Reinforcement of vyanjan/swar was undertaken with agame where the students rolled the dice to count the quantity on it and placed the figurine on the number to recognize the vyanjan.

Students inquired into a new vyanjan ‘ma’ through real life objects and picture cards. Students practiced writing the vyanjan using rainbow writing strategy.

Circle Time

As a part of early years’ skill building program, students focused on a story about body parts:

‘How the human body works’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFCyiqycPKw

To perceive and recognize the form of an object in the absence of visual and auditory information, students used tactile information to decode information about texture, size, spatial properties, and temperature.Stereognostic bag was introduced  in classto hone the sense of touch.

Information Technology

Students explored ‘Bee-Bot’. They learned to move the bot in the forward and backward direction and also to clear the previous instruction, using command buttons.


This week students continued to complete the drawing and colouring exercise titled ‘basket of fruits’. They used pencil and pastel colours on paper to complete their composition.


Students learned and sang the songs ‘It’s a small world after all’ and ‘Hello to all the children of the world.


Physical Education

Students are learning balancing exercises to help increase  strength of the core muscles and to improve the body co-ordination. They also practiced different balancing poses to improve the ability to react to sudden directional changes,improve stability and help prevent accidental fall


Dance lessons focused on development of postures during dance routine where students loved to tap their feet on a peppy Russian song.


Students were read ‘There is a lion in my cornflakes’ written by Michelle Robinson. When Dan and his brother decided to collect 100 coupons to have their very own lion, they assumed the task would be an easy one . How wrong could they really be?! To their dismay, their neighbors won the prize first. Worse still, they received a bad-tempered grizzly bear, a cranky crocodile and a destructive gorilla. But then the grizzly bear, the crocodile and the gorilla suddenly, inexplicably transformed from annoying beings  to assets (the croc used his  biteto open cans). Furthermore, they realized that the lions weren’t worth the trouble.

A wildly wacky story brought together bestselling author Michelle Robinson and an award-winning illustrator Jim Field for the very first time, with hilario

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